100 words of our favorite chibi alchemist and co!

Who did you call a chibi alchemist?!

The world of FMA in 100 words
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Welcome to FMA 100, a 100 word drabble community about our favorite alchemist and the people he hangs around with ^_~

coldwriter has kindly turned the community over to me, tavella. Feel free to contact me on AIM (tavellalight) or by email (tavella@livejournal.com).

Community Rules

1) All drabbles must focus on the FMA universe.

2) RESPECT EACH OTHER! I hope I do not have to stress this any further. Giving criticism is fine but blatantly flaming or ripping someone apart is inexcusable. If anyone is being disrespectful to community members, they will be banned. And yes, I'm pretty serious about that. This journal is not a place for anyone to start talking trash about other people or a place for someone to post their whiny rants. If you can't deal with that, then leave or you're out. No ands, ifs, or buts. Enough said.

3) Challenges start every Tuesday and end the next Tuesday.

4) Yaoi, yuri, het, incest, etc. It's allowed here. I'm a flexible person. Even hentai is allowed. However, if is not worksafe, please put your drabble under an LJ-cut. To learn how to do that, go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

5) Please no advertising or off topic posts. There are other places for you to do that.

6) Some people have not seen all of FMA yet. If you feel your drabble is a spoiler, (like it takes place during episode 51 or something), please put it behind a cut and mention ahead of time that it is a spoiler. Generally, I regard anything that has aired in the US as not a spoiler; FMA is up to episode 39 on Cartoon Network as of December 13, 2005.

7) Mention before hand if a drabble is going to be yaoi, yuri, incest, etc. There may be some people who don't like reading that. However, if you don't like such things, do not be an ass to the people who write them. Simply skip over them if it bothers you.

8) Most importantly...HAVE FUN!

AND PLEASE MAKE YOUR DRABBLES 100 WORDS! I'm sorry I had to bold this but I don't want anyone else to yell at me for being flexible and I don't want anyone to think I'm a bitch. So to end all arguments...no more over 100 word drabbles. Unless you absolutely, positively can't make it work, then it's okay. But 100 words or else. End of discussion.

prilallar has written an excellent guide to drabble writing. If anyone has any problems still, you can feel free to check this out before starting:


Oh yes, you may also post more than one drabble for a challenge. If you're full of inspiration, go ahead! If you need help writing drabbles, you can also contact me on that. I'm a pretty flexible writer who's willing to work with anyone.

(original text mostly courtesy of coldwriter)